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                                              Initial results have been achieved in sorting out the technical} list of overcoming the "neck sticki

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                                              On September 26, Ren Jijun, vice mayor of Panzhihua City, led a team to the Sichuan Provincial Department of science and technology to participate in the "seminar on the technical list and key problem solving implementation scheme for the in-depth development and utilization of vanadium and titanium resources". Wang Xuesong, director of Panzhihua science and Technology Bureau, participated in the discussion and report on the preparatory work for the "fifth provincial ministerial joint conference of Panzhihua strategic resources innovation and development pilot zone and Sichuan vanadium and titanium industry development conference".

                                              In his speech, vice mayor Ren Jijun pointed out that it is the responsibility and responsibility of Sichuan Province to develop and make good use of vanadium, titanium and rare earth strategic resources. For local governments, overcoming the "neck" technical problem of vanadium and titanium is an important opportunity to expand the market and transform development. It is the due meaning of Panzhihua to actively build a smooth channel, build an efficient platform, and think about and promote the development of vanadium and titanium industry. Ren Jijun, vice mayor, suggested: first, we should further sort out the list of "neck" technologies and key core technologies of vanadium and titanium resources, and pay close attention to the sorting of the list and the preparation of key research programs in combination with the national strategic needs and the reality of local industrial development; Second, it is necessary to form a good working mechanism. It is hoped that the science and technology department can regularly organize this kind of meeting in the form of tackling key problems, with the participation of both the supply side and the demand side, as well as the scientific research team; Third, it is hoped that the science and Technology Department will put the preparatory construction of vanadium titanium research and Design Institute on the agenda; Fourth, we should actively strive for the support of relevant national ministries and commissions and strengthen the scientific and technological research on the comprehensive development and utilization of vanadium and titanium resources.

                                              Deputy director Jing Shigang asked the preparation team to carefully absorb expert opinions and form a relatively perfect plan before October 10. In mid October, he went to the general iron and Steel Research Institute and asked academician Gan Yong to organize a consultation and demonstration to effectively provide high-quality reference materials for the meeting. He said that the Department of science and technology will launch a special organization to carry out the "neck" technology research of vanadium and titanium, and work together to win the support of the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of science and technology. At present, the Ministry of science and technology has left a window in the new vanadium and titanium materials, but the specific projects or contents supported need to be strengthened; He requested that the implementation plan should be both exciting and clear at a glance, distinguish levels and fields, and clarify aerospace, new energy and other related fields; He suggested that in terms of platform construction, we should actively build a demand-oriented innovation consortium so that the research results can be quickly transformed into application scenarios.

                                              After listening to the preparatory work report of the city's "the fifth provincial ministerial joint conference of Panxi strategic resources innovation and development pilot zone and the working conference on the development of vanadium and titanium industry in Sichuan Province", deputy director Jing Shigang highly recognized the preparatory plan and relevant preparatory work of the city, and hoped that the city would implement it according to the time node, cooperate with the Department of science and technology to prepare the conference materials and affairs, and let experts and enterprises communicate more.

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